These surfaces tend to be gaining ground more and more, especially with respect to their undemanding maintenance and easy renewability. They gradually replace expensive tartan surfaces at housing estates and sports grounds where constant supervision cannot be secured. These "anti-vandal" surfaces withstand really a lot. In foreign countries, they dominate, especially, at housing estates of big cities where a big emphasis on indestructibility of the surface is placed.


Acrylic system are useable on any asphalt or concrete when the quality standarts are met as well as speed of ITF. Whole system is water based and is designed to higest possible protection against and mechanical demage or demage from UV shining. Usually are these products known only as the HARD surfaces, but here is also possibility of elastic systems. The level of elasticity is different and you can choose from variaty of them. Texture cover surface is best for multipurpose playgrounds or bicycle tracks. Color are in basic color schame from which you can choose, or we can make any special color from RAL colors pallete.


JIt is a special racing surface for top-level tennis. As a matter of interest - a final event of the tennis season "Masters Tournament" in London is played thereon, among other things. It is produced - in modification - with a flexible pad which is appreciated, especially, by recreational players. Regular and exact bounce of the ball is appreciated by every player. Extremely appropriate for tennis halls. ITF classified.


These surfaces are designated for unguarded sports grounds - e.g. block-of-flats fields. They allow cycling, roller-skating, they are appropriate for in-line hockey, etc. Surfaces are resistant to weather conditions, waterproof. They are easily repairable, they do not practically require any maintenance, and therefore, their popularity is increasing among investors. Surfaces have anti-slide finish, they are non-sliding when wet and are appropriate for all ball games. Sports acrylic spatula surfaces Courtsol Standing and Durflex Roller are appropriate especially for outdoor sports grounds. They are remarkable for high hardness and resistance, they are not flexible! It is a financially available and technologically undemanding solution. Undemanding application, high mechanic resistance, simple cleaning and maintenance, easy repairability