Seamless Polyurethane PU Floors are rapidly gaining popularity both among sportsmen and also among investors, especially due to their universality, great playing properties or minimum demands on maintenance. These floors are also very easily repairable. Floors fulfil top parametres in categories such as shock absorption, elasticity, ball rebound, slide properties, and especially safety. Elastic rubber pads provide the whole system with elasticity which allows not only comfortable movement and entire safety, but also protects joints and locomotive system of sportsmen against wear by the influence of impact energy. Due to such properties, pour PU floors are appropriate also for children at kindergartens and primary/basic schools as there occurs no injury in case of tripping or falling. Point Elastic Polyurethane Floors are resistant to water or moisture, temperature fluctuations in gyms, leaked water from the roof or broken radiator, and the like.

Stockmeier STOBIGYM

Is indoor POLYURETAN surface, which is on absolute top in the class of sports surfaces for sports halls and mulipuropse fields. STOBIGYM is elastic, indoor sports surface. Should be used in gyms, halls, indoor sport centers. Finall thickness is always x + 3 mm (x = thickness of first layer material), x ≤ 10 mm. We also privde retoping after the surface is at the end of its lifecycle.


Point Elastic Indoor Sports Surfacing System - Top Elastic Polyurethane Sports Floor designed for multi-purpose sports halls, school gyms, specialized tennis halls and gymnastics halls. Floor is designed for all ball games including floorball. Resultant surface is seamless, permanently elastic thanks to used materials, resistant to moisture, anti-slide, easy for maintenance and easily repairable. Flooring is appropriate also in case of use of floor heating. In the modification, it is appropriate for social-cultural events. Lifetime of 20 - 30 years.