Synthetic sports rubber surface layed down on the right on the spot by the finisher machine SMG.Primarlly used in Athletics, schools fields, and childres playgrounds. This types of surfaces are teh most durable ones as well as quality ones that can be in any surfaces done. We are useing only top brand for materials (BASF Conica - Swiss, STOCKMEIER ). Which means high UV resistance, resistance against cold temperature, life ccle 10s of years. All of our systems are Certificated by labs.


System of elasticity let through sports surface of a tartan type from EPDM – done by finisher in the lenght 2.85 m and 1,4 m in the case of smaller place.

Technical info:

Tartan type of surface is elastic let through sport surface on the base of colorful ruuber pieces - EPDM a polyuretan bond.


As a elastic let through sport surface(tartan type), based on the project documentation and costumer needs . It is used in minimal hight of 10 mm but can be used in very different highets usually based on the norms of each Country of World wide norms for tracks.


– elastic finished layer

– non let trough asphalt or concrete

– surface asphalt

How it done ?

The surface is layed on the elastic under layer or concrete or ashalt layers which constist of colorful ruuber pieces - EPDM a polyuretan bond. On the finished surface are painted lines based on the project documentation and each sports that shoudl be played on the surface. Usually the hight is between 10 – 18 mm. Colors - red, green or any from RAL. On the finished surface could be possibel to see each parts of the track from the putting them together this will hover ever disapear in the firs week.